• Kids

    Children develop their own personality very early in life. They sense, feel, taste and smell the world in new ways every day. Special children do this in their own way. They need mobility solutions tailored to their particular needs. Mobility – as autonomous as possible – is crucial not only for your child's physical development,Read more →
  • CAD/CAM for Prosthetics and Orthotics

    In 2005, Centre Harika was the first centre in the Middle East to start using this technology for prosthetics and orthotics. We are now at the forefront of innovation, with collaborations with specialists from Germany, France, Canada,… and the sole aim to improve the quality of prosthetics and orthotics and increase patient satisfaction.   ForRead more →
  • Active, Sports and Outdoor

    Active Every Day Everyday life is varied and determines the requirements for your wheelchair for active use. But your personal preferences are crucial as well. Do you want a rigid frame? Or would you prefer a folding wheelchair? There is no right or wrong here, since you alone decide. You value a compact folded sizeRead more →
  • Above-knee waterproof prosthesis

    Wear your prosthesis in the pool, shower, or at the beach. From the versatile 3R80 shown above to the 3WR95 and Aqualine system featured here, we provide multiple options ideal for both below-knee or above-knee amputees. No matter whether it's chlorine to bath water, moisture won’t wear on the Aqualine system. With added traction onRead more →