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Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

    Rio 2016 Paralympic Games Centre Harika has the honour of being part of Otto Bock’s Technical Service Team, offering comprehensive maintenance and repair services to all athlete.

Avantgarde XXL 2

    avantgardexxl2 Sporting challenges or active everyday life with the Avantgarde XXL 2, you can cross all boundaries.


    michelangelo-hand The Michelangelo Hand offers unprecedented speed, strength and a natural, anthropomorphic look.

Triton Family of Products

    triton family All Triton feet are suitable for a broad range of applications from everyday use to recreational sports.

Wheelchairs and rehabilitation aids

    news3 Mobility has many facets and means something different for everyone…

treatments in Competence Centres

    news1 In our Competence Centres we continuously develop and apply innovative methods..

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