Soft goods

Spectra 3D scanning for cranial orthotic

Vorum Spectra™ 3D scanner for torso

Canfit CAD Software for spinal braces

Ecosanit Footwear

    With style, elegance and comfort, Ecosanit footwear are 100% italian creations dedicated to women and men.

Paralympic Games

    Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

    Centre Harika has the honour of being part of Otto Bock’s Technical Service Team, offering comprehensive maintenance and repair services to all athletes.



    The Michelangelo Hand offers unprecedented speed, strength and a natural, anthropomorphic look.

Vorum CAD/CAM for Prosthetics and Orthotics

    cad-cam-prosthetic-scannerWe are proud to be sales and service agents for Vorum in the Middle East and Africa. The Vorum CAD/CAM solution has helped increase our precision in digital designs. And using the latest socket technologies, a project of 218 patients was successful without check sockets. Only 2 patients had to be refitted.

Triton Smart Ankle

    Taking the sidewalk or the trail? The elevator or the stairs? Wearing sneakers, dress shoes, or boots?With Triton smart ankle, the choice is yours.

Wheelchairs and rehabilitation aids


    Mobility has many facets and means something different for everyone…