Misaligned feet can alter the body’s alignment. The correct insole for your feet can help relieve the resulting pain. Give your feet the proper support and cushioning with the custom made Ecosanit insoles based on biomechanical tests of foot function, and gait analysis on our Ecoplan3D system. Take Care of your Feet and they will Take Care of you!

Not sure what your arch type is? Don’t worry, we can check that with our digital  ECOPLAN 3D foot scanner. The ECOPLAN 3D allows scans of the sole of the foot both in loading and out of load in addition to reconstructing the footprint from one impressed phenolic foam.

An insole suited to your specific arch-type and foot pressure points will give a better contact throughout the base of the shoe, so that when your arch flexes, the insole is there to assist it.

The 3D TITAN is a 3-axis machine for the production of orthotic insoles. After scanning the foot, the specialist at Centre Harika designs the required orthosis based on the patient’s needs, gait pattern, and pressure points.

The resulting custom orthosis delivers a high level of stability, comfort and pain relief.

Foot posture problems such as flat arches can increase the risk of developing injuries often caused as a result of repetitive stress that is produced from unhealthy foot movement. Through realigning the placement of the feet, shoe insoles help with pain and inflammation in the knees, hips and lower back.
In addition to providing relief from the pain caused by flat feet, or hyper pronated/ supinated feet, insoles will help prevent the problems eventually caused by these conditions.

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