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  • Below Knee

    Below Knee

    Harmony System Active volume management Secure prosthesis support The Harmony is a modern closure system. It ensures that the leg prosthesis is securely connected to the residual limb. Active vacuum systems, such as the Harmony, pump out virtually all the air between the liner and socket, thereby regulating the vacuum in a defined range. TheRead more
  • Above Knee

    Above Knee

    C-Leg Reliable stumble recovery Mobility was redefined around 15 years ago with the introduction of the C-Leg. Today the C-Leg is proven as the world's safest microprocessor-controlled knee joint. No other knee joint of this kind was tested and examined in a comparable number of studies. Reliable stumble recovery You can rely on the integratedRead more
  • Hip Disarticulation

    Hip Disarticulation

    The Helix3D hip joint system The Harmony keeps the prosthesis securely in place. The residual limb, liner and socket form a unit and you gain control thanks to full contact with the prosthesis. You feel immediately when your prosthetic foot touches the ground, which makes walking safer and more controlled for you Your individual normalRead more
  • Knee Disarticulation

    Knee Disarticulation

    The 3S80 Sport knee joint can be used for through knee amputations, it uses a modified form of the rotation hydraulics patented by Ottobock. As a result, it features special swing phase control that is optimally adapted to running. High demands are placed on a sport prosthesis. It has to be sturdy, yet also lightweightRead more