Hip Disarticulation

The Helix3D hip joint system

The Harmony keeps the prosthesis securely in place. The residual limb, liner and socket form a unit and you gain control thanks to full contact with the prosthesis. You feel immediately when your prosthetic foot touches the ground, which makes walking safer and more controlled for you

Your individual normal stride length can be taken into account by your orthopaedic technician with the pre-configuration of the hydraulic unit. Are you in a hurry or taking a relaxed walk? You determine the speed and the Helix3D hip joint adapts.

In order to initiate hip flexion for the next step, amputees with conventional hip joint fittings need to raise the prosthetic leg high by lifting the heel of the sound side, and have to tilt the pelvis unnaturally. Both can be greatly reduced with the Helix3D hip joint system.

A large flexion angle offers relief in many everyday situations such as sitting, putting on shoes or getting into a vehicle. The joint does not protrude below the pelvic socket while seated, promoting a comfortable sitting position.

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