Putting on and Taking off the Prosthesis

When you put on a prosthesis, it is best if you pull a so-called stockinette over the residual limb. A length of the stockinette should extend beyond the residual limb, and this is used to pull the residual limb into the socket. With myoelectrically controlled arm prostheses, it is recommended that the skin in the area of the electrodes be moistened a little with water beforehand. This reduces skin resistance and improves conductivity. This makes it easier for the amplifying electrodes to read myoelectric signals on the surface of the skin. Taking Care of the Prosthesis: It is easy to take care of arm prostheses. Usually it is enough just to clean the inner socket with a moist towel every day after wearing the prosthesis. This daily cleaning is nevertheless important, since it not only reduces odors, but also protects prostheses, particularly myoelectric ones, from damage due to sweat. A cosmetic glove creates the outer finish of the prosthesis, and looks deceptively similar to a human hand. Durability and strength as well as elasticity are also important to avoid limiting the function of the electric hand. The cosmetic glove is to be cleaned with soap and water if it gets dirty. Users of a myoelectric arm prosthesis should remove the battery if they take off the prosthesis for a long time. If the prosthesis is going to be worn for a long time, a fully charged battery should be used. If the electric hand is not being used, the fingers should not be closed completely. Otherwise this will place a long-term strain on them, which unnecessarily increases the wear on the mechanical components.

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