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  • Diabetic Foot Care

    When Is Amputation Necessary? The goals of treatment of diabetic foot problems are not only to save the life and limb, but also to get the patient healed and moving about as soon as possible. If vascular surgery cannot improve blood flow and podiatric surgery cannot restore function, amputation may be the only solution thatRead more
  • Socket Technologies

    Socket Technologies

    Feeling the maximum in comfort and security at every step and being able to rely fully on the prosthesis system: That is socket technology  good seating and optimum fit of the prosthesis. As individual as your patients are  they all have one thing in common: The need to rely on their prosthesis at every step

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  • Putting on and Taking off the Prosthesis

    When you put on a prosthesis, it is best if you pull a so-called stockinette over the residual limb. A length of the stockinette should extend beyond the residual limb, and this is used to pull the residual limb into the socket. With myoelectrically controlled arm prostheses, it is recommended that the skin in the

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