DynamicArm transhumeral Prosthesis

With the DynamicArm, you can perform more than one movement at a time – flexing the arm, rotating the wrist unit and grasping an object with the hand. You can rotate the wrist unit to the inside and outside without the help of the other hand. This is controlled by your muscle signals

The gripping speed and gripping force are continuously monitored by two measuring systems and controlled in proportion to the muscle signals. Even difficult tasks such as grasping a tomato or other delicate objects do not pose a problem.

The DynamicArm prevents unnatural and jerky movements. The beginning of a movement is always controlled, and it is gently slowed at the end – just like the human arm.

The integrated Autograsp feature of the SensorHand Speed helps you when an object you are holding starts to slip. The gripping force is increased in fractions of a second until the grasped object is in a safe position again.

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