• Transhumeral Prosthesis

    DynamicArm transhumeral Prosthesis With the DynamicArm, you can perform more than one movement at a time – flexing the arm, rotating the wrist unit and grasping an object with the hand. You can rotate the wrist unit to the inside and outside without the help of the other hand. This is controlled by your muscle signalsRead more
  • Prosthetic Glove

    Prosthetic Glove

    Your prosthetic hand comes into contact with a lot of things in the course of a day. PVC material features good mechanical strength and durability. It is robust and does not tear easily. A special finish makes it considerably more soil-resistant as well. You can easily clean your glove daily with a special cleaner. YouRead more
  • Passive Arm Prosthesis

    Passive Arm Prosthesis After an amputation, patients have to consider the question of a prosthetic fitting. A decision needs to be made whether the future arm prosthesis will be more functional or whether a natural appearance is going to be emphasised. If you place greater emphasis on the appearance and wearer comfort for example, weRead more
  • Michelangelo Hand

    Michelangelo Hand Thanks to the numerous functions of the Michelangelo Hand, you have seven different hand positions available to you. Whether you’re cooking, turning pages in a book or typing on a keyboard, the Michelangelo Hand helps you integrate such movements into your everyday life, leisure time and work. The durable prosthesis gloves, available inRead more