bebionic hand

The most lifelike prosthetic hand

Comfortable, intuitive and precise – the bebionic hand is transforming the lives and abilities of amputees around the world. And this extends from helping them perform simple tasks like tying their shoelaces to giving them back their control and self-esteem.

With 14 different grips and hand positions, the bebionic artificial hand makes it easy to carry out day-to-day activities such as eating meals, carrying bags, opening doors and switching on lights and typing.

Individual motors in each finger allow you to precisely control the hand and grasp objects in a natural, coordinated way. Proportional speed control gives you control over delicate tasks.

The hand is available in two different sizes and with three wrist versions to suit individual requirements.

Together with Ottobock pattern recognition, the Myo Plus control gives the bebionic hand entirely new options for intuitive, natural movements without switching.

Aesthetic design

The aesthetic hand design is based on the anatomical skeletal structure of the human hand. Impressive design features include the natural-looking shape of the joints and the transition between the wrist and back of the hand.

Modern look

The bebionic hand is available in two colour versions: a white Kevlar look and black carbon look

Numerous different grips

Individually and independently driven fingers enable fourteen selectable grips, so you can perform a large number of everyday activities with ease.

Individually adjustable

The O&P professional sets the parameters of the bebionic hand individually in the adjustment software to fit your needs and situation.

Optimum weight distribution

The arrangement of the finger motors near the wrist leads to a natural, balanced distribution of weight so the hand is lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Synchronised finger movements

Sensors in the motor control system allow the coordinated and synchronised movement of the individual fingers when grasping.

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