Partial hand prosthesis

Finger and partial hand prostheses replace amputated fingers or parts of the hand. These prostheses assume important functions. They expand the gripping options of the affected hand and, for example, serve as a counter-support when grasping objects. Other people often do not even notice finger and partial hand prostheses at first glance. They are fabricated according to individual specifications as natural replicas of the missing limbs.

Finger prostheses and partial hand prostheses assume important everyday functions. They expand the gripping options of the affected hand: Keyboards, telephones and other control elements can be used again. They also serve as a counter-support for grasping and holding objects.

Directly after getting up and into the late evening hours: Thanks to the custom socket design, your prosthesis fits without closures or pressure points and can be used the entire day.

With daily care on the inside and outside, you can wear your prosthesis every day from morning to evening. All you need is water and ph-neutral soap.

Every prosthesis is unique, individually fabricated according to your needs and wishes.

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